one day lift


The anti-aging-serum by Dr. Daniel Neferu is a real revolution in the world of cosmeceuticals. The serum offers a breathtaking immediate effect, that leads to an incredulous amazement followed by a youthful glow of your face.

magic power
of modern science


Maybe it looks like a magic – but we owe the effect to the intensive scientific research and the pioneering results in the areas of biochemistry and biotechnology. one day lift Anti Aging serum begins exactly in the principle of structural-weak skin. The collagens and elastan matrix, the skin cells and their whole structure are restructured by the serum. In a steered chain reaction free radicals will be engaged, DNA-repair mechanisms reactivated and the collagen production boosted.


…and then you can see it!


Just a few seconds after the application of the one day lift anti aging serum – the instant effect will become visible. You will feel a slightly tighter skin structure, the pore size will be reduced significantly, fine lines and wrinkles disappear or are substantially reduced. Your skin feel much more elastic because of their better nutrition and hydration…and then you will see it! Your skin looks completely different: fresh and healthy.

Being young for a day– as often as you like!


The one day lift anti-aging-serum by Dr. Daniel Neferu with its dramatically fast effect offers an efficacy for at least 7–10 hours. A flask secures firm and youthful  skin for many days. Join the people’s whispering about lifting. Cause you know – you didn’t really.


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Instant Effect at the push of a button.
Just imagine.